In May 1951, the Diocesan Council again met at St. Paul's with the evening address given by the former rector, Beverley Tucker, who was then the Bishop of Ohio. Since it was assumed that many parishioners would attend that session to hear Mr. Tucker, a note in the parish bulletin said, "In view of the anticipated parking problem it is requested that those attending dispose of their cars as far from the church as possible."

When Barton Lloyd left in 1950 to join the faculty of the Seminary, Mr. Evans fulfilled the many responsibilities of the clergy single-handedly until July, 1951, when the Reverend Samuel Wylie was appointed chaplain to Episcopal students. Mr. Wylie instituted a regular Sunday service of Evening Prayer which was followed by a supper served by the women of the church, and a chaplain's discussion hour. Many leading scholars and clergymen came to speak at those services on such interesting topics as: "What is Behind Student Turmoil and Apathy?" and "Is Chastity Outmoded?". When Mr. Wylie left in 1953 to become Chaplain at Brown University, Mr. Evans again handled all the duties by himself until July, 1955, when the Reverend David Cammack joined the St. Paul's clergy staff.

In the 1950's a Parish Council was formed to bring new vitality to St. Paul's. Through the Parish Council, lay people who were not on the vestry could have an active role in developing the parish program and formulating parish policies. One goal of the Parish Council was to make St. Paul's a more vital part of the family life of its members. To help achieve that purpose a new Family Service was added at 9:30 on Sunday morning, followed by Christian Education classes for children and adults. The 11:00 service continued in its traditional pattern of Morning Prayer and Sermon, with communion the first Sunday of the month.

The new Family Service was an immediate success and led to other programs for the younger members of the congregation, such as a Junior Choir which sang at that service, a high school youth group and a young adults organization. The Sunday School had grown to an average attendance of 135 students each week and in 1959, Miss Grace Brisbane was hired to be the full-time Director of Christian Education. The need for better Sunday School space had become critical. Classes were meeting in places as varied as the church office, Mr. and Mrs. Evans' dining room, and a converted coal bin in the church basement. When the church was able to purchase the adjacent property of Louise and Betty Page Cocke on University A venue, the parish decided to raise $125,000 to build the education wing on the rear of the Cocke property, and the office wing on the Chancellor Street side of the church.

The first step in this ambitious plan was the creation of a Permanent Building Committee with representatives from every organization and group in the parish. Since the committee was to serve as a clearing house for ". . . all suggestions concerning the uses, needs, facilities and services desired both now and for the next 25 years," it began its work by developing a statement called "The Mission of St. Paul's Memorial Church" which said:

". . . in addition to the usual functions of a parish, we at St. Paul's have a special mission to be a church family for those members of the University community who will join us while they are here. We should also try to draw in those to whom the church is completely new and we must offer to the children of our parish the best we can give them in training and example. . . . Experience has shown that four aspects of parish life should be emphasized and kept in balance: worship; study of the Bible, and other sources of man's knowledge of God; a deepening of human relationship throughout the church community; and a greater usefulness and service in the world. . . . Let us keep our fourfold purpose ever before us and open every avenue that will help to build what has been called, 'His Witnessing Community.'"


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