Vestry News for October, 2014

The Vestry met on Oct. 28, 2014 and voted on several action items.  These included:

•    The Vestry approved providing the same health care options in 2015 for employees as the previous year.  Concerns about the affordability of health care benefits for clergy and staff led us to appoint subcommittee to explore long term costs our options for the future. 

•    We approved the housing allowance for the Rev. Elaine Thomas, under the requirements of the tax codes, that is part of her total compensation package.

•    To make church expense reporting easier to track, we authorized issuance of Bank of America business credit cards for some clergy and staff.

•    We approved the Treasurer’s recommendation to reallocate a bequest to replenish our operating reserves, bolster the maintenance fund, and fund the rector transition fund.

•    As of Sept. 30, our year-to-date income is $575,642 or 67 percent of the projected income for 2014.  Our year-to-date expenses are $674,591 or 79 percent of budgeted expenses for the year. For the year, we are $98.9k short. It is our pattern in mid-year to fall behind in our income, as pledge payments slow. It is also our pattern that pledge payments pick up again in the fourth quarter. Our current situation fits the historical pattern. If people pay their pledges the budget will break even at the end of the year."  Detailed financials for the parish can be found at

We discussed the status of parish ministries including:

•    The Vestry applauded the newly reorganized Outreach Ministry Team that will be ably led by Anne Ribble and Fritz Repich.

•    The Worship and Building Task Forces are considering how to make the chapel more versatile with new chairs.

•    The Rector shared with the Vestry that St. Paul’s clergy likely will be conducting same-sex weddings in the wake of the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in Virginia. Guidelines issued by the Diocese of Virginia allow priests to officiate at the civil marriage of a same sex couple as a “generous pastoral response” to lesbian and gay couples seeking to be married, and may bless the civil marriage of the couple using the rite entitled Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant.  The rites in The Book of Common Prayer may not (yet) be adapted or used for these services until the authorized by the General Convention.

•    Gillian Breckenridge, Canterbury Ministry Coordinator, was our special guest and provided a thorough update and report on University Ministry.  She showed us the attendance trends for Sunday 5:30 p.m. service and dinner, Monday Young Women’s Prayer Group, Tuesday night “Living Faith” dinner and discussion series, all of which show a steady uptick in participation over the last two years, including a higher number of undergraduate students than has been the case in recent years.  Gillian identified consistent leadership as a key factor in building and growing a strong University Ministry.  While the increasing attendance numbers are promising, we also need a thoughtful transition plan in anticipation of Gillian’s departure from her role coordinating the University Ministry at the end of May 2015.

•    Charles Lancaster announced that the Vestry Nominating Committee is composed of following members:  Charles Lancaster (Chair), Christie Thomas (former Senior Warden), E.D. Rambo and Joel Hoppe (3rd Year Class), Stephanie Bolton and Nancy Grable (2nd Year Class), Darren Ball and Paul Legrand (1st Year Class).  More information will be provided to the parish about this process in coming weeks.  We will be seeking to nominate four new members to the Vestry in January 2015.
The next Vestry meeting will be on November 18 at 7 p.m. in the Lounge. The primary agenda topic will be the development of the parish’s 2015 budget.  Vestry meetings are open to all parishioners with the exception of closed sessions to address staffing and sensitive legal issues.

Vestry Agenda for October 28, 2014 PDF file
Vestry Minutes for September 23, 2014 PDF file
Financial - Balance Sheet for September 2014 PDF file
Financial - Dedicated Funds for September 2014 PDF file
Financial - Income and Expenses for September 2014 PDF file
Financial - Treasurer's Report for September 2014 PDF file

Vestry News for July 2014

The Vestry met on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 7 p.m.  in the lounge.  Here are highlights of our discussions:

Calling a New Associate Rector
The Rector and the Staffing Task Force are in the process of calling a new Associate Rector, and a decision will be made by the end of the month.  Please pray for the candidates, their families, the Rector, and Staffing Task Force members during this important period of discernment.

Task Force Updates
•    The Program Task Force is working on report to Vestry with recommendations on mission trips, welcoming newcomers, small group coordination, and Sunday education coordination.
•    The Worship Task Force is finalizing recommendations to the Vestry that will include: (1) improving our greeting / welcome on Sunday morning for all parishioners; (2) enhancing the Joyful Noise service; (3) creating a comfortable space in the Nave for families with young children.  The task force also carefully discerned possible changes to the Sunday morning worship schedule and concluded that the current 8am, 10am and 5:30pm schedule best meets the needs of the parish at this time.
•    The Building Task Force is in the process of addressing the following priorities:  replacement of slate steppers between Booker House parking lot and church; painting the nave; landscaping around Canterbury House; repairing meditation garden pathway to deal with erosion issues; and consideration of sound system upgrades. 

Kitchen remodeling Update
•    Work on the new bathroom and the kitchen renovation is on-going. The floors should be completed by August 23. We continue to apologize for the short-term inconvenience which is occurring.
Budgetary Notes

•    The Treasurer, Jack Bocock, notified the Vestry that St. Paul’s received a buyout offer for the 594 shares we own in Charlottesville Parking Center, Inc. received through a bequest in the 1980s.  Charlottesville Parking Center has received a buyout offer at $34/share; this offer values our shares at for a total of $20,196.  The Vestry approved designating the proceeds of stock sale as follows:  20% to Outreach Fund and 80% to the Organ Fund. 

•    Vestry members received the 2013 Independent Accountants Review Report for St. Paul’s Memorial Church dated July 2, 2014.  This is a review of the church’s financial health that takes place for the years where a full audit is not required (audits occur every three years).  A review is substantially less in scope than an audit, providing limited assurance that an organization’s financial statements are in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.  You can find the full report here.

•    Mid-Year Budget Review:  Reviewed our year to date spending and the status of our budget.  The total budget for 2014 is $854,250.  As of June 30, our year-to-date income is $ 410,125 or 48% of the total budgeted income for 2014.  We are $66,000 in the red for year-to-date on income versus being $21,000 in the red this time last year.  The majority of the difference can be traced to Prepaid Pledges; in 2013, our Prepaid Pledges were $77.4k whereas in 2014, our Prepaid Pledges were only $38.6k.  As usual, our prospects for meeting our budget for the year will be primarily determined by Pledge fulfillments during the rest of this year.  Our year-to-date expenses as of June 30 are $ 476,255or 56% percent of total budgeted expenses for the year. Detailed financials for the parish can be found at

Mid-Year Vestry Retreat
On Saturday, July 19, the Vestry gathered at Westminster Presbyterian for our mid-summer retreat.  This year, our retreat was focused on how we can most effectively work together to make decisions on the wide range of issues we address from kitchen remodeling to calling a new associate rector to youth education.  We all took the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and spent the day exploring our own and each other’s personality types and discussing strategies for building on each other’s strength and differences to improve our group process of discernment all of the issues we face as a Vestry.  Many vestries in the Episcopal Church use the MBTI for team building, conflict resolution, and decision making.  We were very fortunate to have Roger Cutler lead our retreat.  Roger is from Chico, California and is a former executive with Apple who has devoted his life the last two decades to leadership and small group training in the Episcopal Church, specializing in MBTI and EFM training.  It was a very fruitful and rich day for all of us, helping us to build a stronger esprit de corps as we discern how the Holy Spirit is calling our parish to proclaim the Gospel in the world.

Next Vestry Meeting is on Tuesday, August 19 at 7 p.m. in the lounge.  All are welcome at Vestry meetings.  We will have a closed session during this meeting to discuss the calling of the Associate Rector.

2013 Independent Auditor's Report PDF File
Vestry Agenda for July 15, 2014 PDF file
Financial - Income and Expenses for June 2014 PDF file
Financial - Treasurer's Report for June 2014 PDF file

Vestry News for May 2014

The Vestry met on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 7 p.m.  Here are some of the highlights of our discussions:

Calling a New Associate Rector: Bishop Ted Gulick visited the Vestry meeting on May 13 for a conversation about our vision for the associate rector position.  In our discussion, we shared many ideas about the role of an associate in University ministry, ministry to the aging and the ill, and ministry to children, youth and family.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we converged on calling a versatile priest “who has a passion for walking with others in ministries of transformation” across the spectrum of ages and generations.  All involved came away from the meeting with a renewed since of excitement for the future of St. Paul's.

Election of Diocesan Council Delegate and Alternates: The Council of the Diocese of Virginia is the main governing body for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.  Reflecting the structure of the national Episcopal Church’s General Convention, a bicameral legislature that includes the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops, the Council is divided into a clerical order and a lay order of delegates. The Council meets once a year in January for two days to elect clergy and lay persons to the General Convention and other committees, consider and vote on diocesan resolutions (policies), manage the diocesan budget, and hear annual reports from diosecan officers, Bishops, and committees.

The Vestry of St. Paul’s is responsible for electing three Lay Delegates from the parish to represent us at the Council as well as one Lay Alternate for each Lay Delegate elected.  This year the Vestry elected the following Delegates and Alternates to the 2015 Diocesan Convention: Mildred Robinson (Del.)/ Lloyd Snook (Alt.); Nancy Grable (Del.)/ Betsy Daniel (Alt.); and Buck Smith (Del.)/ Christie Thomas (Alt.).  Thanks to all Delegates and Alternates for agreeing to serve this important role in our diocese!

Year-to-Date Budget Review: Reviewed our year to date spending and the status of our budget, which is currently on track with budget projections and has us on solid financial footings.  The budget for 2014 is $854,250.  As of April 30, our year-to-date income is $314,200, or roughly 37% of the total budgeted income for 2014.  Our year-to-date expenses as of April 30 are $339,178 or 40% percent of total budgeted expenses. Detailed financials for the parish can be found at

The next Vestry meeting is on Tuesday, July 15 at 7 p.m. in the lounge.  All are welcome at Vestry meetings except for closed sessions on personnel matters.

The Vestry mid-year retreat is Saturday, July 19 from 9 to 3 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Vestry Agenda for May 13, 2014 PDF file
Vestry Minutes for April 29, 2014 PDF file
Financial - Balance Sheet for April 2014 PDF file
Financial - Dedicated Funds for April 2014 PDF file
Financial - Income and Expenses for April 2014 PDF file

Vestry News for April 2014

The Vestry met on Tuesday, April 29 at 7 p.m.  Here are some of the highlights of our discussions:

•    The planning process to call a new associate rector is underway.  The Rector is working with the Staffing Task Force to develop a position description and timeline for the recruitment process.  We plan to call a new associate rector by mid-August.

•    The Vestry reviewed and approved the St. Paul’s Memorial Church 2013 Parochial Report prepared and presented by John Reid. The Parochial Report is a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist the Church in planning for mission.  In 2013, we report that St. Paul’s:

o    Had an average Sunday attendance of 340 people
o    Celebrated 228 Eucharists and held 230 Daily Office services (prayer services without Eucharist)
o    Officiated 12 marriages, 13 burials, and 10 Baptisms
o    Enrolled 73 church school students
o    Received 279 pledges for a total of $642,275
o    Paid for operating expenses that totaled $889,363

All Episcopal churches are required by the national church to submit a Parochial Report each year. If you want to learn more about Parochial Reports or are interested in trends across dioceses and congregations within the Episcopal Church, please visit:

•    One of the priorities of the Building Task Force has been to repair St. Paul’s magnificent organ (1926 Opus 597 Aeolian-Skinner, or more commonly referred to as a “Skinner Organ”) that Albrecht von Gaudecker plays so beautifully each week.  Skinner Organs are among the finest organs made in the world, and as such, our organ is a major asset that must be maintained by the parish.  Last year, the Vestry voted to pay organ builder David Storey to evaluate the St. Paul’s organ for maintenance and repair needs.  As a result, the Building Task Force recommended--- and the Vestry subsequently approved—purchasing new keyboards and replacing the console for the cost of $29,000.  The majority of this cost will be provided for by a bequest and donations for organ restoration.  Repairs will take place over the summer.

•    John Reid provided an update on the kitchen-hospitality spaces remodeling project.  Everything is on track.  Of note, we have received a building permit from the City, the Flower Guild space is mostly finished, and we hired a general contractor to complete the construction over the summer.

•    As part of improving Vestry communications with the Parish, the Rector and Wardens will provide more regular and frequent updates to the parish at the Sunday Adult Education Forum where they will share Vestry activities and business with attendees, answer questions, and welcome input.  Also, all Vestry agendas, minutes, monthly financials, past news and notes can be found at

The next vestry meeting is on Tuesday, May 13 at 7 p.m. in the lounge.  For the first hour of the meeting, we have invited Bishop Ted Gulick to provide advice in the calling of an associate to serve St. Paul’s.  Discussions about personnel matters are confidential, so this part of the meeting will be a closed session.  Following our discussion with the bishop, the remainder of the meeting will be open to all interested parishioners.  Agenda items will include an update on the Godly Play program, planning task force updates, election of delegates and alternates to the Diocesan Council, and planning for the July Vestry Retreat.

To communicate more clearly about Vestry decisions and discussions, the Vestry will be providing monthly updates in the newsletter and Sunday programs. We also will post Vestry minutes, agendas, budgets, and other news on the St. Paul’s vestry webpage and on the bulletin board in the parish hall.  We also encourage everyone to attend vestry meetings.  All are welcome at meetings (with the exception of  closed sessions to discuss personnel or other sensitive matters).  The next vestry meeting will be on April 29, at 7 p.m. in the church lounge.  The agenda will include the following topics:  2013 parochial report, update on hospitality center remodel, Vestry communication issues, the election of Council delegates and alternates, planning group updates, and a closed session on personnel issues. 

The vestry held its last meeting on March 18.   During this meeting the Vestry:

  • Approved the kitchen and hospitality remodeling project, including a new bathroom, with a $30,000 budget for the work.
  • Discussed the progress of our planning task forces.  The purpose of these groups is to develop recommended action steps that can be implemented over the next one-to-three years to develop the “Be Bold!” Long-Range Vision of becoming a multigenerational inclusive growing church. These action steps will be presented for approval to the Vestry between now and December 2014.  The membership and description of each task force are as follows:

Buildings and Grounds (John Reid, Lynne Weikert,Charles Lancaster, Mildred Robinson, Daryl Russell, Lloyd Snook, and Gwynn Crichton): This group is making recommendations for renovations, maintenance, and repairs of our buildings and grounds to adequately support our ministries for the next generation.

Worship (Darren Ball, Jim Galloway, Daniel Hine, E.D. Rambo, Anne Ribble, Christie Thomas, Heather Warren, and Jim Richardson): The primary focus of this group is to make recommendations for strengthening our worship for all age groups,  on Sundays, Wednesday evenings and weekdays.

Programs (Charles Lancaster, Alice Fitch, Nancy Grable, Susan Cluett, Lara Hall, Joe Lenow and Stephanie Bolton): This group is evaluating how current volunteer and lay ministry programs meet our mission and serve our vision for the future.

Staffing (Darren Ball, Gwynn Crichton, Pam Dennison, Joel Hoppe, Paula Kettlewell, Paul Legrand,  John Reid,  Christie Thomas, and  Jim Richardson): This group will make recommendations for staffing roles and structure, and will assist in the calling of a new assistant or associate rector.


  • Endorsed and approved Andrew Guffey for Ordination as a Deacon.
  • Reviewed our year to date spending and the status of our budget, which is currently on track with budget projections and has us on solid financial footings.  The total budget for 2014 is $854,250.  As of March 30, our year-to-date income is $237,377, or roughly 28 percent of the total budgeted income for 2014.  Our year-to-date expenses as of March 30 are $251,573 or 29.5 percent of total budgeted expenses for the year.

Vestry Agenda April 29, 2014 PDF file
Leslie Middleton's Letter to the Vestry about Improving Communications

Vestry News for March 2014

Remodeling Hospitality Spaces for an Inclusive, Growing Multi-Generational Church

In the next few months, you will see major renovations in the kitchen, and nearby hallways, to make our
hospitality spaces greener, safer, and more versatile. And we will be adding a new restroom! The Vestry
of St. Paul’s is pleased to announce that it has approved plans to remodel the kitchen and ancillary areas
to further serve our mission as an inclusive and growing multi-generational church now and into the
future. These changes are in response to the congregation’s long-range vision report, “Be Bold!
Discerning God’s Call-Claiming God’s Vision,” and the recommendations of our Building Task Force that
grew out of that report. We have been working with a professional architect, Richard Price, and a
kitchen planner to redesign our hospitality spaces in creative ways to address multiple needs of our
parish. The remodeling project includes:

  • A super energy efficient kitchen that complies with public health codes for sanitation and food safety
  • An easily accessible Flower Guild work space in close proximity to worship spaces
  • A new ADA bathroom
  • An alcove for making coffee and tea that is independent from the kitchen
  • Better storage for tables, chairs, dishes and utensils

Many of these changes evolved from the results of the Building Task Force Survey to the parish that was
conducted in May 2013. For example, additional bathroom capacity on the Parish Hall level was
consistently identified as the number one building need at St. Paul’s. In addition, the need to make the
Flower Guild space accessible to aging members who struggling with carrying flowers upstairs from the
basement has been requested for years. Importantly, the remodeling of the hospitality spaces is one of
the first steps toward realizing our Be Bold! vision for the future of our growing, inclusive parish in
regards to much-needed building renovations.

While some changes will start to take place this spring, the major remodeling will occur during the
summer (between June 1 and July 30) to avoid conflicts with Community Night and Sunday dinners
through the end of May. The entire cost of the project will be approximately $30,000, the majority of
this coming from a planned bequest. Drawings for the remodeling of the hospitality spaces project will
be on display in the Parish Hall throughout April, and also will be posted on St. Paul’s website. The
Vestry is happy to answer any questions about this exciting project.

Vestry Agenda March 18, 2014 PDF file
Minutes February 2, 2014 PDF file
Kitchen Article for the St. Paul's Beacon PDF file
Financial-Income and Expense March 2014 PDF file

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