Vestry News for May, 2016

Highlights of May Vestry Meeting

•    John Reid and Jeannie Long are recruiting delegates to the Diocesan Convention. Names will be circulated to the Vestry for approval by e-mail.

•    The Vestry signed up for service as Officer of the Day on Sundays through the end of July.

•    A committee composed of clergy, Vestry members and current youth group leaders is working on a job description for future youth group leaders. They are seeking input from parents.

•    The employment of a permanent organist will take place under the aegis of the new rector.  We plan to hire a contract organist for the intervening period of time.

•    With the cessation of the service of Sarah Colvin and Betsy Daniel, Joyful Noise will end. During the summer there will be a children’s sermon at every 10 a.m. service.  Over the summer, E.D. Rambo will work on improving the supplies available for children, including a worship leaflet with the readings for the day.  We are working on being able to broadcast the service to the television in the lounge.

•    Parish Administrator John Reid reported that the new chapel chairs will be delivered around June 10.

•    The Vestry discussed ways of responding to the “parking lot” comments from the Search Committee Focus Groups. A committee from the Vestry will meet the clergy to talk about increasing lay involvement in the areas of Parish Life, Worship, and the University.

The complete minutes of the meeting and the monthly Financial Report are posted in the parish hall.

The next meeting of the Vestry is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21 at 7 p.m. in the lounge.

Treasurer's Report

May 16, 2016
To:    The Vestry
From:    Lynne Weikart, Treasurer
Re:    April 2016 Financial Report

We have completed the first third (33.3%) of the year.  For the first time this year, our expenses were more than our revenues. Sunday attendance is quite low and this pattern affects the amount of revenue we take in. We need a strategy to increase our plate offerings. This is the time of year when people are moving to Charlottesville. So a strategy to attract some of those moving here to St. Paul’s would be helpful. Other revenues are steady. Our expenses are on track.


Overall, we have collected $288,446 (34.1%) of our revenues. Our pledge offerings are still quite ample. We have collected over $217,601 or 39% of our budgeted amounts. It is our plate offerings which continue to fall. We have collected $10,956 or 29% of our plate offerings to date. The building rent revenues have increased since last month.  The Canterbury rent revenue reflects only 25.3% of the budgeted revenues but this should pick up once we rent out the apartment beginning in June.


There is overspending in some categories – lay ministries, health insurance, leased equipment and maintenance. We have spent $114,867 (33.7%) in salaries which is in line with our budget. Lay ministries, however, reflect spending at 37.3%. Benefits are overspent – we spent $65,922 (36.2%).  This reflects the overspending health insurance (50.6%).  Administration is in line having spent 32.4% or $30,757. Buildings and Grounds are overspent - $55,229 or (45.9%). Overall, we have spent $293,966 which is 35% of our budget.


We have arrived at that time in the year when, each month, we are spending more monies than we are collecting.  We are most vulnerable when it comes to plate offerings where we have budgeted  $38,000 but have only taken in 29% of that revenue to date. If the plate offerings continue to drop we will be in deficit condition for the year.

Vestry Minutes for April 2016 PDF file
Vestry Agenda for May 17, 2016 PDF file
Financial - Balance Sheet for April 2016 PDF file
Financial - Dedicated Funds for April 2016 PDF file
Financial - Income and Expenses for April 2016 PDF file






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