Vestry News for December, 2015

Highlights of the December 15, 2015, Vestry Meeting

  • The Vestry approved a parish budget for 2016, with the proviso that the budget may be revised in January after the receipt of additional pledges.
  • The Vestry authorized the replacement of the main electrical panel of the church as soon as possible, given the state of the panel as evaluated by an electrical engineer.
  • The Vestry passed a resolution approving the housing allowance portion of our clergy’s compensation.
  • The Creation Stewards reported that the city Board of Architectural Review has given final approval of the plans for the pollinator garden.
  • Christie Thomas, chair of the Rector Search Committee, reported on the progress and plans of the committee, including upcoming focus groups and surveys to gather input from parishioners.
  • Seven chapel chairs have been donated as memorials by parishioners.

The minutes of the meeting and the financial reports are posted in the parish hall. The next meeting of the Vestry is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 19.

Treasurer's Report

December 15, 2015

To:    Vestry
From:    Lynne Weikart, Treasurer
Re:    Monthly Report: November 2015

We have a few weeks before we close the books on 2015 and we are hopeful that we will receive sufficient donations to balance our budget. This is the annual “budget dance” where we check every revenue stream and insure that as much revenue as possible is recorded. And certainly we encourage our parishioners to write out a year-end tax deduction to St. Paul’s.


As can be seen in the accompanying Statement of Income and Expense, we are still short in our pledge payments and plate offerings. However, the Christmas season brings in a substantial increase so we may still meet our intended targets. Our other revenues are on target except for the alumni and that is an ongoing task for us. In 2016 I think this revenue will grow.


Our expenses to date are reasonable and should remain on target. The increase in lay ministry is the hiring of our youth services coordinator. The utilities and maintenance are slightly above target which is understandable given the age of our church buildings.


I am pleased to report that the finance and operations committee has drafted a balanced 2016 budget which it will submit to the vestry tonight. It is very important that we return to working with a balanced budget. Our expenses will certainly increase in another year when we hire a permanent rector. We need to prepare for that now.

When John Reid and I gave a presentation to the parishioners at the adult school forum, we asked the parishioners to complete a survey ranking the various programs/topics from one to 14. The topics that received the most votes was providing fair wages and benefits and living within a balanced budget. The topics that received the fewest votes were seminarian support and capital improvements. If you would like the spreadsheet, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you the spreadsheet.

In addition to that John Reid and I examined the changes in our budget from 2015 to the draft budget for 2016 and found that we saved money in the following areas: the rector’s benefits, health insurance, the nursery and the audit. At the same time on the increases in the 2016 draft budget, we added the youth services coordinator & part-time assistant and salary increases for the associate rector, the church secretary, and our part-time priest as well as other pay increases suggested by the diocese of 1% for the staff.

Vestry Minutes for December 2015 PDF file
Vestry Agenda for December 15, 2015 PDF file

Financial - Balance Sheet for November 2015 PDF file
Financial - Dedicated Funds for November 2015 PDF file
Financial - Income and Expenses for November 2015 PDF file
Financial - 2016 Budget as Approved PDF file







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