Vestry News for November, 2015

Highlights of the November 17 Vestry Meeting:


  • The Vestry recommended Lawrence Elliott as a candidate to pursue a call to serve as a Vocational Deacon.
  • Leslie Middleton reported that the plan for the pollinator garden has been provisionally approved by the city Board of Architectural Review.  Work may begin in December.
  • The Vestry discussed measures that are being taken to increase security in the building.
  • The Vestry adopted a plan to invite regular reports from appointed representatives of the Youth Group and Canterbury Student Ministries.
  • The process of gathering nominees for January’s election of new vestry members has begun.
  • The Vestry is making plans to welcome Interim Rector Neal Goldsborough.
  • The Finance Committee and other members of the Vestry will meet December 8 to finalize a budget for 2016.

The minutes of the meeting and the financial reports are posted in the parish hall. The next meeting of the Vestry is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15.

Treasurer's Report

To:    Vestry
From:    Lynne Weikart, Treasurer
Re:    Monthly Report: October 2015

Five-sixths (83%) of the year is past. We are on target with most of our revenues. We are over on some categories of expense but that should even out by the end of the year. We remain with a structural deficit budget of almost $20,000. We may end up with a balanced budget this year because of personnel changes. Our current spending is not sustainable for next year unless we increase our revenues.

2015 Revenues
We are defining givers of record as those people who donate $500 or more and do not pledge. So our plate offerings are smaller this month because adhering to that guideline we moved some monies from plate offerings to givers of record. Although it is not recorded in October, the Wheat fund is in at $3600 which is $300 less than what we budgeted.

2015 Expenses
Our expenses for the year are too high in several categories. The question will be – can we control these expenses next year?

2016 Budget
As I explained last month, the trends in our congregation are not encouraging. Not only are the pledge dollars on a downward trend but so are the average church attendance, number of pledgers, and baptisms. Meanwhile, the number of deaths is increasing. (See the accompanying spreadsheet). We have not stopped the decline in attendance this year or the number of pledgers, although we have stopped the decline in pledge dollars.

In budget year 2017, we will likely welcome a new rector. Expenses will accompany him/her that are not now in the budget, such as pension and health benefits. So whatever we face in 2016, we will face an even steeper climb to fiscal stability in the following year. We need to plan ahead for a new rector and not saddle him/her with a precarious financial situation.

At the December finance and operations committee meeting we will put together a balanced budget to recommend to the vestry. I urge every vestry member to attend that meeting on December 8, starting at 6pm.


LW 11/15/15

Vestry Minutes for November 2015 PDF file
Vestry Agenda for November 17, 2015 PDF file

Financial - Balance Sheet for October 2015 PDF file
Financial - Dedicated Funds for October 2015 PDF file
Financial - Income and Expenses for October 2015 PDF file






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